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Much of the art of innovation lies in the creation of initial sketches scrawled hastily on scraps of paper, napkins, and the margins of placemats. We learn very early on in our efforts to create the future that mountains of these doodles are inevitably destined for the trashbin. To help in some small way in our battle as a society to contain global warming, to do our part in the fight to reduce, reuse, and recycle MAYA presents a radical new solution.

Introducing Edible Whiteboards.

Over the course of the last few years we've experimented with the Edible Whiteboard concept. Building larger and larger cookies, covering the walls of our office with frosting, experimenting with various techniques to erase the edible ink (licking turns out to be an effective method though not one recommended for more interdisciplinary sketching), even building an entire Kiva made of gingerbread. The portable version of our Edible Whiteboard system, comprised of a simple sugar cookie and frosting based substrate, a specially formulated edible ink, and a community website to host the best and brightest ideas is effectively the first new fruits of this exploration of the paperless office frontier to make it into mass production. Enjoy!

Edible Whiteboard How-to

Creating ideas using the Edible Whiteboard system is easy once you know these few simple tips. First, be sure to take the whiteboard out of its protective packaging. Second, use the handy MAYA-matic Idea Wheel to generate initial inspiration for your sketches (you'll need to cut it out of the packaging and assemble it with a pushpin or some other fastener). Third, draw your next big idea. Fourth, add fun call-out arrows or text to help make the idea look important and patent worthy. Fifth, stop reading this really long and silly list of tips and just have a fun time and a happy new year!

Flashback to a Select Few MAYAn Holidays of Yesteryear

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