Oh No You Didn't!

So, you got an iPhone and everyone on your block (and the Internet for that matter) is oh so envious. What better way to share your joy and the beauty that is the iPhone than a handmade belt and iPhone bling. That's right... a few items and some fun handiwork and you have created a functional and pimp iPhone belt. This is what happens when MAYA designers get silly on a Friday afternoon.

iPhone Bling

The first step to pimping your iPhone is to adorn it with bling and we have just the thing. Below are links to movie files which will add class to your flashy new piece of Apple beauty. To fill the iPhone screen with the video (which of course is mandatory to achieve full pimp status when at rest in your iPhone belt) complete the following simple steps:

  1. Download your movie(s) of choice on the computer with which you sync your iPhone (Heads up- the videos are upwards of 100mb).
  2. Place the movie file(s) in your iTunes library.
  3. Sync your iPhone so the videos are in it's playlist.
  4. Zip over to your iPhone's iPod interface, select the movie and play at full screen.

YouTube Links for Videos (to Preview)

iPhone Belt How To

Click on the link below to download a 10-minute film on how to make your own iPhone belt buckle. So far we have 2 iPhone holster designs as well as a speaker belt accessory made from a set of trashed PC speakers, some CD sleeves, and other miscellany laying around our shop. More to come!

Project Materials

  • 1/2 - yard of black marine vinyl (found at fabric store).
  • 1/2 - yard of clear (16 gauge) vinyl (found at fabric store).
  • 2 - full size pictures of iPhone printed out and mounted to heavy black presentation board.


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Super77 spray adhesive
  • Sewing machine with heavy duty needle
  • Black thread (heavy duty)
  • X-Acto knife
  • Cutting board
  • Vise (not really required but fun)
  • iPhone (or foamcore stand-in to scale)
  • Patience and the ability to laugh at yourself

Project Gallery

Idea Graveyard

  1. ihub.... a hubcap set that could hold your family's four iPhones so that you could show off while driving (persistence of vision animation from all those spinning iPhones would be augmented with motion sensed timing!)
  2. iHaveNot... A phone booth across the street from apple and at&t stores with a security cord mounted iPhone for all those sad losers who couldn't afford an iPhone but wanted to make a call (no I didn't buy one for myself so I'd qualify as said loser)
  3. iSpats.... I don't have to explain do I? the point being that people with only 1 iPhone are lame (if you don't know what a spat is you my friend are lame).
  4. i-rings... earrings made from iPhones with dangly animated thingies (to go with your gold iPhone necklace bling)
  5. The iSuit... a predator style invisibility suit made of 300 iPhones stitched together in a sort of technological chainmail David Byrne style (of talking heads fame).